“Coral Coast Highway” a must-do attraction.

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    • “Coral Coast Highway” a must-do attraction.

      one way to look at it... full article in the link at the end

      “You could argue the Great Ocean Road is more scenic, but what’s different on the Coral Coast Highway is that you’re seeing world-class attractions like the Pinnacles, the Abrolhos Islands, Kalbarri National Park, the pink lake and World Heritage-listed places like Shark Bay and Ningaloo Reef. You’re going to see some amazing stuff.”.......
      ..........Previously, Avis charged a $1000 relocation fee, on top of daily hire costs, to rent a car in Perth and drop it off in Exmouth, or vice versa.
      But as part of a two-year trial between April and October under way now, the relocation fee has been cut to $150 from Exmouth to Perth or $250 from Perth to Exmouth.
      If the trial is a success, the reduced relocation fee will become permanent. And it is understood other rental car companies are now considering following suit.

      Die Zukunft war früher auch besser ….. Karl Valentin