WA reagiert auf die Krise in Victoria

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    • WA reagiert auf die Krise in Victoria

      Mark McGowan

      Premier of Western Australia

      Overnight our hard border with the east got a lot harder.
      WA’s border controls had served us extremely well for more than three months. Arrivals into WA, both international and domestic, have been hugely reduced.
      The rest of the nation has looked to us for guidance - they have seen our success and have taken steps to follow our approach.
      As a result, we successfully suppressed the virus in our State - we have no evidence of community spread.
      And with the fastest easing of restrictions in the country, our lives have effectively got back to normal and our economy is recovering.
      However, our success in WA has created new challenges and risks.
      We must manage those challenges appropriately. If we don’t, we will risk everything we have worked so hard for.
      As I have explained before, in recent days and weeks we have seen a gradual increase in people seeking to come to WA.
      We had seen a significant increase in interstate travel, but with the increased restrictions we put in place yesterday, we are hopeful that they will return to more manageable levels.
      However, if they don’t, I won’t hesitate in introducing even harsher measures to limit arrivals and protect the health of Western Australians.
      As I flagged on Monday, the increasing number of international arrivals has put a significant strain on our resources to manage hotel quarantine to the highest of standards.
      Today, at National Cabinet, I am pleased a final agreement was reached on a cap on arrivals.
      It is now confirmed that Western Australia will receive a maximum of 525 passengers per week.
      This equates to 75 international arrivals a day - specifically Australians returning from overseas.
      The official cap will begin from Sunday and will run for an initial four-week period.
      I want to thank the Federal Government and my State and Territory colleagues for their cooperation.
      WA has been pulling its weight when it comes to international arrivals and this cap will mean we will continue to pull our weight.
      But what it does do is give us certainty in knowing we won’t get an influx of arrivals that we are unable to manage.
      In addition, I can announce, that effective from Friday the 17th of July, arrivals to Western Australia will be required to pay for their 14 days of hotel quarantine.
      This date will be built into our legislation that we will introduce when Parliament resumes on the 11th of August.
      Based on our legal advice, we are able to begin charging arrivals now that we have publicly announced the 17 July date.
      The hotels contracted will continue with their existing arrangements with the State Government under this new policy.
      Under the new arrangements, people in hotel quarantine will be billed directly. This will apply to anyone arriving from that date.
      Some exemptions may apply, but only in cases of extreme hardship.
      This is an important measure that sends a clear message to everyone around the world.
      Die Zukunft war früher auch besser ….. Karl Valentin