State-wide park closures

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    • State-wide park closures


      für alle, die zur Zeit in NSW unterwegs sind:

      State-wide park closures

      Due to the extreme fire conditions across much of New South Wales, MOST national parks and reserves in NSW from the Queensland border to Victoria are closed. This means no public access at all and includes tracks, trails, campgrounds and picnic areas.

      View a full list of park closures and alerts, including any exceptions. This is an important measure to protect the public's safety and to ensure no-one finds themselves trapped in a park if fire starts in the predicted extreme conditions.

      A total fire ban remains in place for all NSW national parks due to extreme fire danger. For information on fires visit Fires Near Me and NSW Rural Fire Service

      Last updated 11/11/2019 5:00PM.


      Waverton, Sydney (ex München)