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    • Mark McGowan......

      ...... unser West Australian Premier heute auf FB:

      The situation regarding COVID-19 around the world and in Victoria continues to evolve – with case numbers in some countries are at unbelievable levels and our friends in Victoria facing an extremely serious situation.

      The level of community spread inside Victoria is something that we haven’t seen before in this country, and it’s a sobering reminder of why the measures we’ve had to put in place are so important.

      There is no doubt about it – as a nation, we are entering a new and dangerous phase of this pandemic.

      Today, I have been pleased to hear that common sense has prevailed and the border between Victoria and NSW will now close.

      I think that’s a smart decision, and I think it has been long overdue.

      Today I can report we have detected another three new cases of COVID-19 overnight, meaning we’ve now found nine new cases in the last two days.

      However, all these new cases are all returned overseas travellers who flew into Perth recently and have remained in hotel quarantine.

      With our hard border in place, arrivals to our State has slowed to a trickle, limited mainly to essential services such as freight and handfuls of Western Australians returning.

      However, it appears, as Western Australia continues to lead the country and position itself as a safe-haven from COVID-19, new arrivals into our State has started to rise.

      In recent days we have seen an uptick in air arrivals into Perth Airport both from interstate and overseas.

      Arrivals are still far below pre-pandemic levels, but just the smallest increase in arrivals now needs to be taken seriously.

      For example, yesterday three international flights and three domestic flights landed in Perth.

      This increase in arrivals does put pressure on how we manage our border controls and our quarantine systems.
      Perth is the western gateway to Australia, and over the last week we have seen a slow increase in arrivals into Perth.

      Currently we have more than 1,100 people in hotel quarantine, across five hotels in Perth, as well as a large number of people in enforceable self-quarantine at home, who have mostly arrived from interstate.

      However, if arrivals increase, our resources will start to spread thin.

      That’s why the State Government has formally requested the Federal Government to put in place a cap on international arrivals into Perth Airport.

      Consistent with the Federal Government’s support for the New South Wales’ cap, I have asked the Prime Minister to agree on a cap for Western Australia.

      This would be something in the vicinity of one flight per three days.

      We need to slow the flow of arrivals.

      This will help us manage the arrivals and quarantine arrangements to the highest standard.

      In addition, Cabinet today approved the drafting of urgent legislation that will force any returning traveller – Western Australian or not – to pay for their 14 days of hotel quarantine.

      This legislation will be drafted as quickly as possible.

      Once the Bill is ready and approved, we will recall Parliament if necessary for a special sitting to get this legislation through swiftly.

      Clearly our hard border with the east has served us well - but, our hard border is under threat.

      As we know, Clive Palmer’s High Court challenge is being supported by the Federal Government.

      The announcement today between NSW and Victoria to close their border is one that I support.

      But the idea our hard border is being challenged in the High Court is now clearly flawed and completely unnecessary.

      The High Court challenge consumes the resources of many of our top public servants, from our Solicitor General, our Chief Health Officer and our Police Commissioner.

      In light of the new NSW-Victoria border closure, today, I have asked the Prime Minister to formally withdraw their support from Clive Palmer’s High Court challenge.

      It does not make sense for the Federal Government to be supporting a border closure between NSW and Victoria, but on the other hand, challenging WA’s border in the High Court of Australia.

      Quite frankly, the legal challenge, and especially the Commonwealth’s involvement has now become ridiculous.

      This nonsense has to stop. And it has to stop now.

      Western Australia’s ‘island within an island’ strategy has been an integral part of our success.

      WA has not recorded a community based infection since the 11th of April – that was 86 days ago.

      As a result, WA is the most economically free and active State in Australia due to our relaxed restrictions.

      But we cannot get complacent.

      I cannot thank the Western Australian community enough for everything they have done over the last four months.

      We need to remain vigilant. That means:
      Don’t go to work if you’re sick.
      Don’t go out or visit friends and family if you’re unwell.
      Maintain a physical distance between others, where possible.
      Cough or sneeze into your elbow.
      Wash your hands regularly, and properly.

      As Western Australians, we all have a personal responsibility.

      The more we follow the health advice, the more chance we have of being able to continue on our roadmap to recovery.
      Die Zukunft war früher auch besser ….. Karl Valentin